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Asya Water, which has a total area of ​​5,500 m² covered with the latest technology and 18,000 m² in Cilimli district of Duzce, currently serves with a capacity of 74,000 bottles / hour. In 2012, it was bought by Gulay Collective Company belonging to Gulay family and Cansu Su San. Nak. Tic. Ltd. Sti. operated by. Spring Water coming from the summit of KAPLANDEDE MOUNTAIN, which has an untouched nature and vegetation at an altitude of 1,160 meters of Duzce, the land of natural beauty, is approved by the Ministry of Health, with the anti-bacterial pipeline to our facilities in a 100% safe and hygienic way, with the latest technology, It is delivered to our customers without touching and spoiling its naturalness. Asya Water, unique with its unique taste and its hardness suitable for the taste of the general consumer, works to provide the healthiest and most natural state of water in accordance with the terms of the "Regulation on Water for Human Consumption" published by the Ministry of Health in the Official newspaper.
Located in Ankara, Beypazari Natural Mineral Water Company is one of the leading natural mineral water producer in Turkey selling a large range of food & beverage worldwide. The company was established in 1957 and it has developed itself with permanent investments trough modernization since 1980. Our production comprises natural mineral water and mineral water with fruit flovers. Beypazari fruit flovered products have 8 types, namely natural apple, natural lemon, natural cherry, natural lemon with C vitamin, natural mandarin, natural pomegranate, natural strawberry, natural strawberry-watermelon for now. Also we have gazoz. We have the ability to manufacture 300.000 non- returnable bottles of water per hour in a hygienic environment with our 62 years experience in our sector. We has sufficient experience and know-how in beverage industry. Our duty is to provide the best service to our customers in accordance with their needs and expectations. All our efforts are towards providing best service to our customers and to add value to our products. This way, we achieve our highest aspiration which is to earn the satisfaction and support of our clients around the world. Beypazari Maden Suyu which has proven its trustability by the awards it has received was found worthy to be the “Best Mineral Water” in 2009-2010 and to receive the “Consumer 2010-2011-2012 Quality Award” as the most trusted brand for quality. “AB QUALITY AWARD 2010-2013-2016-2018” was given.
Merveks with its skilled and specialized employees serves in the field of activity, since 1996, under a name of different companies, and since 2012, as an independent company. Merveks, by directing all its knowledge and experience in foreign trade area makes an effort to grant to you dear clients the true concept of sale and aftersales service.Merveks with its production and services in delivery quickly moves ahead on a way to become the most ambitious company in the field of foreign trade. This statement is proved by performance of orders at the most suitable prices and with the best quality, by in advance assumed measures foreseeing possible problems, and by quality of an aftersales service.
Sinem Foreign Trade was established in Izmir in 2016. Before this, there is a shipping history of more than 10 years. We have to say that this experience is an extra plus for us in meeting customer needs.Markets have evolved into a world where supplies and demands change rapidly,and companies need to keep themselves fresh all time.With its professional staff ,Sinem Trade always positions itself beside its customers in order to adapt quickly to changes,seize opportunities or manage crisis situations correctly.The experienced staff of our company delivers packaged or fresh fruits and vegetables to market chains or wholesale companies at the most affordable prices and shipping conditions. Dairy product that we produce are consumed in various countries of the world under the Torun brand.Tyre scraps ,another of our own production,are sold both as an alternative fuel to cement companies and to other manufacturers for rubber production.
As TNT Trade Foreign Trade Con. Ind. LLC. we have been serving our customers in many countries around the world. With our vehicle fleet we transport to many countries in Africa, Middle East and especially Europe. Our product range is expanding day by day in beverage, dry packaging services, liquid and dry food, pulses, soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, fruity milk, cooking oils and butter, olive varieties, pickles and sauces, canned food, Textile products, fabric, clothing … Our Company is working with appropriate suppliers and food manufacturers, with our expert team, we handle the products obtained from the qualified people to the address. Our Company has a reliable and reputable name, what drives us to continuously improve ourselves, and according to the revision of the era's needs we aim to carry the right product in the most accurate and fastest way. We provide our customers with high quality and fast logistics. Our comapny’s main goal is to deliver the orders to our customers in the safest way. Due to our quality service, we keep the customers expectations at the highest level and our orders are delivered to you immediately. Providing an efficient logistics services, our modern vision and quality service as a company drive us to provide the most efficient transportation services. Thanks to years of experience without compromising our quality and transportation in many parts of the world we work to ensure that you reach your products in the safest way.